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Zico increases the involvement of the young patient during their hospital journey by providing information at their own level. They receive medical explanations in an entertaining and supportive way through animation videos. Quality care and a positive experience for the young patient is our top priority.

In addition to being a child-friendly source of information, Zico also acts as a buddy for the young patient through a mobile application. In a unique, playful and mischievous way, Zico moves through the hospital corridors in augmented reality games and tells the children the most adventurous stories.


As a hospital you get access to the Zico dashboard. On this dashboard, the admin of your hospital can create a profile for every care provider who wishes to work with our service. Afterwards, every care provider can create a personal profile for each patient in a few clicks. This efficient way of working ensures optimal time savings in your hospital and provides the patient with unique and personalized care. On this personal profile, the young patients will only have access to the information that applies to them. This guarantees a clear transfer of information.

For us at Zico bv, accessibility to all is very important. Because of that, we designed the app to be very user-friendly for children of all ages, adults and the elderly


Zico provides qualitative and continuous information in order to achieve clear communication. With the ambition of becoming a universal tool in hospitals, Zico becomes a recognizable and reliable figure for patients and parents.

Zico’s mission? Distraction through guidance. Reducing the anxiety of the child and relieving the stress of both patients and their relatives by providing entertainment and information in a personal, cheerful, appealing and understandable way.

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